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GDevelop C++ Platform (Native game engine)

GDevelop C++ Platform (GDcpp) is a platform for developing native games with GDevelop.

Getting started

First, take a look at the at the root of the repository and the developer documentation.

This platform uses the same files for exposing its functionalities to the IDE and for the game engine. When compiled the game engine only, a define is set (GD_IDE_ONLY). Look at the code using this define to check if the code will be included or not into the game engine:

#if defined(GD_IDE_ONLY)
    //Code that will be only exposed to the IDE, and not compiled for games.
//Code that will be available for compiled games as well as when compiled for the IDE.

The documentation of this specific platform and the game engine is available here.


Any contribution is welcome! Whether you want to submit a bug report, a feature request or any pull request so as to add a nice feature, do not hesitate to get in touch.


GDevelop C++ Platform is distributed under the MIT license: See license.txt for more information.