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ExtractTranslations.bat Update translations source.pot file Aug 27, 2015
FilesExcludedFromCopy Updated dlib for CommonDialogs to latest version Jun 4, 2015
GenerateAllDocs.bat Updated docs and minor changes Apr 2, 2015
intl.dll Add xgettext.exe to generate .pot for Windows Mar 29, 2015
libgettextsrc-0-17.dll Updated Windows batch file to update .mo translations files. Dec 25, 2014

Scripts files for GDevelop

  • ReleaseProcedure.bat: this script compiles, generate documentation (see GenerateAllDocs.bat) and package GDevelop for Windows in an installer and an archive.
  • compiles and package GD for Ubuntu (see Binaries/Packaging).
  • Copy all files in Binaries/Output/Release_Windows to Binaries/Output/Release_Linux. Call it after any change in Binaries/Output/Release_Windows.
  • GenerateAllDocs.[bat|sh]: Call doxygen and yuidoc to generate all the documentations into docs folder.
  • ExtractTranslations.[bat|sh]: Create the source.pot file containing the strings to be translated using Crowdin.