Website for GDevelop, the open source game creator requiring no coding skills
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GDevelop website

This is the repository for the new website for GDevelop, the open source game creator requiring no programming skills.

Any contribution, design or wording enhancements is welcome! Open issues if you having anything to say or, even better, submit a pull request. You can also discuss with the community on GDevelop forums.

If you want to translate the website to your language, just go on the Crowdin translation project!


Ensure you have Node.js installed. Bower is used for managing front-end dependencies, EJS templates files are used to write the pages and gulp is used to launch tasks.

Translations are stored into locale directory, in plain JSON files. Internationalized files (for example, main-fr.html for main.ejs) are automatically build for each language with a catalog which has a high translation ratio (>70% translated strings).


npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp
npm install
bower install


To generate HTML pages from .ejs files, with bower dependencies, compiled stylesheets and javascript files, launch gulp:


A gulp watch task is available that monitors any changes to the .ejs, .js or .scss files:

gulp watch

Simply open main.html to see the website. Language redirections is handled by index.php (require that you access to this file using a PHP server).

Updating translations

In .ejs files, make sure that any string to be translated is wrapped inside a call to _ function (this mimics gettext way of marking strings to translate):

<p><%= _('Text to translate') %></p>
  • Update locale/catalog.json by running gulp update-translation.
  • The catalog.json should then be uploaded to the the Crowdin translation project by the project administrator.
  • To update the translations, build the project on the Crowdin page, download the archive and replace .json files in locale directory by the ones contained in the archive.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

GDevelop is under the MIT and GPL v3 licenses: check out the GD repository for more information and how to contribute to the software.