Core of GDevelop, the open-source game creator requiring no programming skills, ported to Javascript
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This is a port of some parts of GDevelop to Javascript using Emscripten.

GDevelop is a full featured, cross-platform, open-source game creator software requiring no programming skills. Download it on the official website and check its GitHub page.

How to build Build Status

git clone
cd emsdk
./emsdk update
./emsdk install sdk-1.37.37-64bit
./emsdk activate sdk-1.37.37-64bit
source ./

(on Windows run emsdk instead of ./emsdk, and emsdk_env.bat instead of source ./ For up-to-date information, check again Emscripten installation instructions).

  • Make sure you have Node.js installed and grunt:
    npm install -g grunt-cli
    git clone
    cd GDevelop && git clone
  • Launch the build:
    cd GDevelop.js
    npm install
    npm run build

Output is created in /path/to/GD/Binaries/Output/libGD.js/.

  • You can then launch GDevelop 5 that will use your build of Gdevelop.js:
    cd ..
    cd newIDE/app
    npm install
    npm start

More information in GDevelop 5 readme.

Launch tests and examples

Launch tests with grunt:

npm test

Or launch example:

cd examples && node demo.js

The demo generate a json file that can be opened with GDevelop!

About the internal steps of compilation

The grunt build task:

  • create Binaries/embuild directory,
  • patch SFML Config.hpp file to make Emscripten recognized as a linux target,
  • launch CMake inside to compile GDevelop with Emscripten toolchain file,
  • update the glue.cpp and glue.js from Bindings.idl using Emscripten WebIDL Binder,
  • launch the compilation with make and wrap the generated libGD.js.raw into the final libGD.js file.

It also create a compressed libGD.js.gz file which is handy for distributing the library pre-compressed to web browsers.


Refer to GDevelop documentation for detailed documentation of the original C++ classes. The file Bindings.idl describes all the classes available in GDevelop.js.


  • GDevelop.js is distributed under the MIT license.
  • GDevelop is under the MIT license (and GPL v3 license for the old IDE).