Madcow 2.0 - Advanced Test Automation! Madcow is the premier test automation tool designed to make your life easier. Developers love it. Testers can actually use it!
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.idea Added JBrowser driver type Mar 7, 2016
madcow-core altering version output to be pretty 🍒 Apr 22, 2016
madcow-project Update index.html Aug 23, 2016
madcow-webdriver added unit testing. May 8, 2017
.gitignore ignoring imls from now on Mar 2, 2016
.travis.yml trimming the whitespace on the cli now when multiple test names entered Apr 21, 2016
LICENSE Added Apache copyright notice Aug 24, 2012
NOTICE Initial gradle-fication of madcow 🎉 Mar 2, 2016 Update Mar 26, 2017
build.gradle Initial gradle-fication of madcow 🎉 Mar 2, 2016
madcow.iml Added cobertura plugin 🐍 Mar 2, 2016
settings.gradle Initial gradle-fication of madcow 🎉 Mar 2, 2016

Madcow 2.0 Build Status Coverage Status

Join the chat at![ZenHub] (

Check out the awesome documentation at now and get testing!

Migration Guide from v1.x

Configuration changes

TODO - Lots!

Filename changes

All files are now of type grass. Be sure to rename any * to *.grass.

Operation Changes

  • import is now importTemplate
  • checkSelectValue is now verifySelectFieldOptions
  • waitUntilExists is now waitFor
  • setRadioButton has been removed - setting radio buttons can be accomplished using click