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@4lex4 4lex4 released this Jul 17, 2018

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  • Fixed lags of thumbnails view on resizing and scaling.
  • An instant effect on applying thumbnail quality.
    It's possible to switch thumbnail quality while working on a project with the changes applied immediately. For each quality chosen a cache is created.
    Usage example: you could use this feature for the preview purpose, which is faster than simple navigating between pages. Undock the thumbnails panel, set the quality, for ex., to 700, and size to 1000. You can mark problem pages with Ctrl+Click on a thumbnail and navigate between these selected pages after finishing to fix them. To finish the preview change the quality and size values back and dock the panel.
  • Added buttons to navigate between pages.
  • Fixes for the auto and original alignment modes.
  • Additional modifiers for auto adjusting content area.
    On double clicking inside the content box hold Shift pressed to select left or right edge only or Ctrl to select top or bottom one, or Shift+Ctrl to adjust both the nearest vertical and horizontal edges.
  • Other fixes and improvements.
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