Ansible configuration to get a Linux kernel development environment up
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My attempt to standardise bringing up a newbie/fresh Linux kernel development environment. Getting started in this area has a reasonable barrier to entry which i would like to make smaller.


ansible ssh configuration

yum install ansible

If you are on Fedora 23 or later you are going to also need python-dnf

Checking Sytax

ansible-playbook play.yml --check

Running Playbook

ansible-playbook play.yml -i hosts -K

House Keeping Contributing

Please keep the basic structure of the roles and the variables declared in the top level play.yml Happy to merge in anything you think i have missed and i deam a reasonable addition. Multiple distro additions welcome.


Git config

  • setup a git config to be deployed

IDE Setup

  • Graphical IDE
    • Scripting / Expansion support for syntax checking etc

Vim Improvement

  • Key bindings for syntax checking
  • Key bindings for other hacks

Alpine / MTA Improvement

  • email templates for patches etc

Setup SMTP server with settings to not alter attachments to base64

  • Ansible this too