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A blank WordPress theme for kickstarting a kickass design. It's good if You like to start your themes from scratch. It's also good if it's a long term project = you have to come back to the files over and over.


  1. HTML5 header.
  2. minimum amount of files.
  3. minimum amount of markup in the themes.
  4. Eric Meyers CSS reset.
  5. enables ( enques ) jQuery
  6. adds html5shiv for IE HTML5 support
  7. blank header, footer, page, post, post listing and custom template files.
  8. child / parent theme structure

/* Included */ /blankStarter folder - main files for parent folder. /childTheme - main files for a child theme. /martinee - example theme made with blankStarer. Check it out @ www.martin.ee

/* Installation */ Install as any other Wordpress theme:

  1. Place the folders ( "blankStarter", "childTheme" and "martinee" ) to wp-content/themes.
  2. enable childTheme theme in admin.

Rename theme name at childTheme/style.css

All new files in childTheme folder override the files in TabulaRasa folder**. As an example footer.php is added to childTheme.

Child theme / parent theme structure is used for updating purposes.

** Except for functions.php - these get merged and used from both themes.