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AlwaysForge is PHP forging fail-over for Lisk cryptocurrency. It will monitor all your nodes in real-time and switch forging to best server available. It uses active (maybe a little too aggressive) approach and best practices.




Script require PHP with cURL support and Cron. If you want to run it on hosting instead of VPS - one with SLA 99.99% is highly recommended.


Remember to add your monitor's server IP to lisk whitelist (for API and forging)!

git clone
cd always-forge
cp config.json.example config.json

Edit config.json to your needs:

    "log_level": "info", // Log details level: debug, info, none
    "check_interval_sec": 1, // Checker will pause for that interval each loop
    "timeouts": {
        "request_sec": 3, // Timeout for cURL request, must be higher than connect_msec
        "connect_msec": 1000 // Timeout for cURL connection establishment
    "delegate": {
        "address": "delegate_address", // Your delegate address
        "publicKey": "delegate_publicKey", // Your delegate public key
        "secret": "delegate_secret" // Your delegate secret
    // List of servers, first server will have highest priority, last - lowest priority
    // Each server must have unique name! For your delegate security HTTPS connection is forced!
    "servers": [
            "name": "mainnet-1 #1",
            "ip": "",
            "port": 8000
            "name": "mainnet-1 #2",
            "ip": "",
            "port": 8001

Save config and test it:

php always_forge.php

If it works - add to your crontab to run every minute, for example: crontab -e, then insert:

* * * * * bash /home/lisk/always-forge/

##Enjoy increase of your delegate productivity. :) Donation address: 16010222169256538112L