4Minitz - Simply a decent free webapp for taking collaborative meeting minutes. (Keywords: Meeting Protocols, Action Items, Open Source). Check it out on our demo server:
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Simply the best a decent free webapp for taking meeting minutes.

  • Create a meeting series and invite others
  • Specify moderators, invited and informed users
  • Create an agenda with multiple topics
  • Attend a meeting via web with reactive live updates
  • 1-button sending of agenda, minutes and action items by email
  • Use labels to tag items for later retrieval
  • Upload binary attachments to minutes (e.g., presentations, photos)
  • Track open action items and unfinished topics across meetings
  • Full privacy: Host your own server - it's easy!

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4Minitz Demo Video

(Click to play Demo Video)

Documentation is "continuously" not finished... Nevertheless these WIP docs may be of help:

External Project Links

4Minitz is proudly sponsored by

Method Park

Quick Start

You have two options to quickly evaluate a local demo installation at your site.

  1. Use our ready-to-go docker image (recommended!) or
  2. Install meteor. Then build and run 4Minitz locally

Option 1: Use 4Minitz docker image (Linux, Mac & Windows)

Attention: Option 1 is only one possibility of running a production server. Don't miss the Admin Guide with a more comprehensive coverage of the real production building & installation topic!

The 4Minitz docker image includes the compiled 4Minitz app, a fitting node.js version and MongoDB and thus has no external dependencies.

See the admin guide for how to configure your 4Minitz docker server.

Option 2: Clone, build & run your own (Linux, Mac)

Attention: Option 2 is for quick testing only. It is intended for developers and so it has some security drawbacks (No password protection for MongoDB) and also consumes some amount of extra RAM (>700 MB)). Don't miss the Admin Guide with a more comprehensive coverage of the real production installation topic!


4minitz is realized with the Meteor JS Framework. So, first install the current version of meteor:

curl https://install.meteor.com/ | sh
meteor --version

To download fresh code form github you will need git in your path.

You'll need root rights for that. As a non-root user you may install meteor by:

git clone --depth 1 --recursive https://github.com/meteor/meteor.git
cd meteor
meteor --version
sudo ln -s ./meteor /usr/local/bin/meteor

On Windows? Download the meteor installer. As experienced Windows admin you sure can transfer the below steps for Linux and Mac to your OS.

Quick Installation of 4Minitz (Linux & Mac)

OK, here we go! For a quick test installation perform:

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/4minitz/4minitz.git --branch master --single-branch
cd 4minitz
cp settings_sample.json settings.json

Wait some time for meteor to finish downloading and building. You can reach 4Minitz via the default port 3100 by opening http://localhost:3100 in your browser

Hint: There exists a settings_sample.json file that has quite a few configuration options (like sending eMails etc.). Don't miss the Admin Guide with more details on this topic.