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simple and dirty bot based on matrix-python-sdk
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NB! This bot only works with v1 rooms (see TODO).

simple and dirty bot based on matrix-python-sdk

no support, no warranty

works for me, but pull requests within reasonable limitations are welcome!

sudo apt install python3 python3-requests
git clone
git clone
cd tiny-matrix-bot
mkdir data
ln -s ../matrix-python-sdk/matrix_client
cp tiny-matrix-bot.cfg.sample tiny-matrix-bot.cfg
vim tiny-matrix-bot.cfg
cp tiny-matrix-bot.service /etc/systemd/system
systemctl enable tiny-matrix-bot
systemctl start tiny-matrix-bot
systemctl reload tiny-matrix-bot
systemctl stop tiny-matrix-bot

scripts must have execute bit - chmod +x

mkdir sockets for sockets


  • make code better (right)
  • document all config variables
  • define scripts dependencies
  • move config (re)load into separate func
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