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+<h1>About this site</h1>
+ This is a demo site that shows how we can use server side together with responsive web design techniques to optimize
+ the experience. The site uses three techniques:
+ <li><strong>Responsive images</strong> - A device with a small screen will get a smaller image, a device with a larger screen gets larger images.</li>
+ <li><strong>Ads</strong> - Smaller ads are displayed on smaller screen, larger ads are displayed on larger screens. Look at the Google adsense ad at the top of the site.</li>
+ <li><strong>Conditional Content Inclusion</strong> - The Twitter and Facebook social widgets are not included for small screens due. Try to load the site on a small screen versus on a large screen.</li>
+ Try to resize the window and reload the site at different sizes to see how it works.

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