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Stego program I wrote in Visual Basic 6.0 in 2002. Lots of these around, now. But it was fun to write then!
Visual Basic
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Written in VB6.0 in 2002

It may require the following files to run: COMDLG32.OCX MSCOMCTL.OCX RICHTX32.OCX MSVBVM60.DLL

This program allows you to:

  1. Encrypt text and save it to a text file.
  2. Embed text into an image and save the image (with text embedded) out to a file.
  3. Encrypt text and embed it into an image file and save the image (with text embedded) out to a file.

The buttons across the top of the interface are for the text boxes. The buttons across the middle are for the image.

If you can't figure it out, I think an excellent career oportunity awaits you in the "Worm Farming" industry.

I am including a couple of image files. "None.gif" and "Message.bmp". "None.gif" is a plain GIF with no message. "Message.bmp" is a bitmap with an encrypted message embedded. The key for decoding that message is README!!!!!.TXT . Also, take note: Normal bitmaps and those with embedded text in them are very nearly the same size.

Please note that you can open gifs, bitmaps, and jpegs. You can only save out bitmaps! This may change in later versions, but for this one, it didn't.

Test it out and let me know if anything happens that you think shouldn't happen or doesn't that should.

Updates: 1.1 - Fixed bug in encryption algorithms. - Added ability to do 'Xor' operations using key. - Added menuing system. - Added 'Help' and 'About' screens. - Loads characters with the ascii value of 8 properly (as this is a backspace, it was actually deleting characters when it shouldn't)

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