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4Players ODIN SDK

ODIN is a cross-platform software development kit (SDK) that enables developers to integrate real-time chat technology into multiplayer games, apps and websites.

Online Documentation

Supported Platforms

The current release of ODIN is shipped with native pre-compiled binaries for the following platforms:

Platform x86 x86_64 aarch64

Support for gaming consoles is planned for early 2023 and will cover Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch.

If your project requires support for any additional platform, please contact us.

Getting Started

To check out the SDK for development, clone the git repo into a working directory of your choice.

This repository uses LFS (large file storage) to manage pre-compiled binaries. Note that a standard clone of the repository might only retrieve the metadata about these files managed with LFS. In order to retrieve the actual data with LFS, please follow these steps:

  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone

  2. Cache the actual LFS data on your local machine:
    git lfs fetch

  3. Replaces the metadata in the binary files with their actual contents:
    git lfs checkout


In addition to the latest binaries and C header files, this repository also contains a simple test client in the test sub-directory. Please note, that the configure process will try to download, verify and extract dependencies (e.g. miniaudio), which are specified in the CMakeLists.txt file. miniaudio is used to provide basic audio capture and playback functionality in the test client.

Configuring and Building

  1. Create a build directory:
    mkdir -p build && cd build

  2. Generate build scripts for your preferred build system:

    • For make ...
      cmake ../
    • ... or for ninja ...
      cmake -GNinja ../
  3. Build the test client:

    • Using make ...
    • ... or ninja ...

On Windows, calling cmake from the build directory will create a Visual Studio solution, which can be built using the following command:

msbuild odin_minimal.sln

Using the Test Client

The test client accepts three optional arguments:

odin_minimal <room_id> <access_key> <gateway_url>

The first argument allows you to specify a room name to join. If no room_id is specified, the client will join a room called default.

The second argument is an optional access_key. If none is provided, the test client will auto-generate a key and print it to the console. An access key is your unique authentication key, which is used to generate room tokens for accessing the 4Players ODIN server network. All clients that want to join the same ODIN room, need to use a token generated from either the same access key or another access key of the same project. To learn more about access keys, please refer to our documentation.

The third and last argument allows you to specify an alternate ODIN gateway_url, which might be necessary if you're hosting your own fleet of ODIN servers. Otherwise, just use our default gateway, which is


Contact us through the listed methods below to receive answers to your questions and learn more about ODIN.


Join our official Discord server to chat with us directly and become a part of the 4Players ODIN community.

Join us on Discord


Have a quick question? Tweet us at @4PlayersBiz and we’ll help you resolve any issues.


Don’t use Discord or Twitter? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Reliable cross-platform SDK enabling developers to integrate real-time VoIP chat technology into games, apps and websites