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Welcome to the Hakku Framework wiki!

Installing / Uninstalling Hakku Framework

Hakku doesn't require installation, but if want to do it for some reason you can do it using installation script. That same script will be used to uninstall Hakku. If you do develop Hakku, or Hakku module then use portable version if you don't want to mess with permissions.

Note: You don't have to use sudo if you have logged as root.


Installation can be done by simple running command: sudo ./install -i


Hakku can be uninstalled using same script that you did use to install it like this sudo ./install -u. If you don't have this script anymore etc. then you can do it manually by removing this directory: /usr/share/hakkuframework/ and this script: /usr/bin/hakku

Here is command to uninstall it manually: sudo rm -rf /usr/share/hakkuframework/; sudo rm /usr/bin/hakku


Updating feature doesn't work on 3.0-alpha, fixed on 3.1-alpha.

WARNING: use updating feature carefully if you have made any changes to source code because every file will be overwrited!

Updating Hakku can be done simply by running command "update".


Hakku Framework dns spoof demonstration on Youtube, on Vimeo.

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