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We must hold the criminal justice system accountable for brutality, murder, and unjust sentences. This project began as a way to demand justice for George Floyd, a Black man murdered in cold blood by four cops in the Minneapolis Police Department. It has now expanded to support others affected by injustice.

Learn more here is website where you can can quickly create personalized emails to send to people with positions of power—an easy way to stand in solidarity with the BLM movement.



To contribute code you require the following:

  • Node.js version 14.0.0 or later

Follow these steps to setup the code:

  1. Clone this repo:

    git clone
  2. Install the dependencies

    npm i
  3. Create dist directory

    mkdir -p dist
  4. Run this code

    npm run dev


Emails can be edited with limited programming experience and some familiarity with either GitHub or Git.

Create a new email

  1. If the incident occurred in a city that is not yet published, create a new folder in the templates folder. Name this folder based on the location of the incident. For example, if the incident happened in the city gotham and you named the folder gotham, it would create a new link at Otherwise, skip this step. Please place all local initiatives within the local folder in `templates.

  2. (Optional) Create a file called METADATA in your folder to control the title and summary of this initative. Use the following structure:

    TITLE: The title of your initiative, will default to #blacklivesmatter if not included
    SEO_IMAGE: Your SEO Image for Search Engines and sharing on Social Media
    SEO_DESCRIPTION: The meta html description
    Summary/description of your initiative goes here. This will default to the text seen on `` if not included.
  3. Add a new txt file to the folder named after the city where the incident occurred. Your content will have to follow the structure below:

    TITLE: title/person we want to contact
    EMAIL: email we want to send to
    SUBJECT_LINE: The subject line of the email
    The text of the email goes here
  4. You can add the following variables to your email body and subject line, as well:

    • ${firstName} - The form-filler's first name
    • ${city} - The city the form-filler is from
    • ${region} - The state (if within the USA) or country the form-filler is from
    • ${lastName} - The form-filler's last name (Warning, this is an optional field and will not always be entered in)
  5. Once you're done, you can create a pull request for this repository and we'll review it!

    • Keep emails under 4000 characters long or the gmail link will not work. If you submit an email that long we will hide the "send with Gmail" option.