4sweep is a power tool for Foursquare Superusers
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4sweep is a Rails 3.2 web application for mass editing of Foursquare venues. It is built on a concept of "flags" that can be submitted to the Foursquare API v2. 4sweep supports the following flag types, which all operate on venues:

  • Edit Venue Details (name, address, contacts, etc)
  • Close Flag (event over, closed) and Re-Open
  • Delete Flag (inappropriate, does not exist) and Undelete
  • Make Private Flag
  • Change Categories (add, remove, replace all, with special home category flag)
  • Photo Flags
  • Tip Flags

Additionally, there is a rich Javascript based UI that makes generating hundreds of flags feasible. The UI uses the Google Maps API v3.

Flags are submitted against the Foursquare API using a queue managed by DelayedJob.

Current Status

4sweep is unmaintained as of March 2015.

Explorer Features

  • Generate flags of any type quickly
  • Search based on:
    • Search term
    • Categories
    • Center point + radius
    • Bounding box
    • Mayorships of user
    • Recently created venues
  • Split large areas into smaller subareas
  • Filter venues using an advanced search BNF grammar

Flag Features

  • Flags can have comments
  • Can be checked to see if they were applied
  • Can be scheduled for a future date (through Delayed Job)

Configuration and setup

4sweep is currently built for Rails 3.2 and uses Bootstrap 2.0. You will need to install all required gems. It relies on a database supported by ActiveRecord, and has only been tested with MySQL 5.5.

Additionally, you will need to install PEG.js, a JavaScript parser generator library. The easiest way to do this is via npm:

$ npm install pegjs

After installing PEG.js, make sure that it is executable on your command line:

$ pegjs -v
PEG.js 0.8.0

You only need PEG.js in your development environment. It is used as part of the Rails asset pipeline to generate a javascript parser.

API credentials

4sweep needs you to specify a database in config/database.yml.

You will need to search globally for all instances of "REPLACE_ME".

4sweep depends on several external services. IN config/application.yml, you will need to specify the following:

  # Your Foursquare API keys:
  app_id: ""
  app_secret: ""
  callback_url: ""

  # Optional, to support the Rake task of generating and publishing map icons:
  aws_key: ""
  aws_secret: ""
  s3_bucket: ""

  # Optional, for Cloudwatch monitoring of 4sweep in production
  cloudwatch_key: ""
  cloudwatch_secret: ""