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Commits on Nov 8, 2019
  1. Back to development: 4.0.3

    jone committed Nov 8, 2019
  2. Preparing release 4.0.2

    jone committed Nov 8, 2019
Commits on Nov 7, 2019
  1. Always use h2 heading chapter content and make chapter block more com…

    jone committed Nov 6, 2019
    - Make the block-title of a chapter (and textblocks) to be
      displayed as h2 in the chapter simplelayout view as this is
      semantically correct and looks consitent on all levels.
    - Make the chapter block more compact for improved usability.
  2. PDF: use external links for non-PDF content. (#110)

    jone committed Nov 7, 2019
    When a content is linked in a book and the target content is included
    in the same PDF, an PDF-internal reference is used.
    For external resources a URL-based link is used.
    When linking files, which are stored in a listing block in the book,
    we still want to use an external URL-based link because files are not
    embedded in the PDF, so that file content is not part of the PDF.
Commits on Nov 6, 2019
  1. Remove "Type" column from listing block table in PDF. (#108)

    jone committed Nov 6, 2019
    The type column shows an icon of the mimetype of the file in the web.
    But we do not have those icons (font awesome) in the PDF, so the
    column is always empty.
    Therefore we just remove the column from the PDF.
  2. Fix the title translation of chapters. (#105)

    jone committed Nov 6, 2019
    The label of the title field of chapters used the wrong translation
    domain. We are no using the domain for this label.
  3. Remove the onegov approved label. (#106)

    jone committed Nov 6, 2019
    The URLs are no longer existing, so we are removing the image and link.
  4. Fix navigation and search settings for new DX types. (#107)

    jone committed Nov 6, 2019
    The property settings were not updated correctly when the new DX types
    were introduced, resulting in wrong incomplete settings for navigation
    and search when the book was migrated through upgrade steps.
    This upgrade step imports the new settings.
Commits on Nov 4, 2019
  1. Back to development: 4.0.2

    jone committed Nov 4, 2019
  2. Preparing release 4.0.1

    jone committed Nov 4, 2019
  3. Back to development: 4.0.1

    jone committed Nov 4, 2019
  4. Preparing release 4.0.0

    jone committed Nov 4, 2019
  5. Dexterity implementation (#100)

    jone committed Nov 4, 2019
    * Drop Plone 4.2 support.
    * pyflakes / pep8.
    * Clear auto-checkout.
    * install ftw.simplelayout.
    * remove html block test standalone test.
    The test makes sure that's htmlblock works outside of a book.
    As we are replacing the htmlblock with ftw.htmlblock, it is no longer
    our job to ensure that it works outside of books.
    * subclass IWithinBookLayer for old and new implementation.
    This helps so that we can keep the old stuff while rewriting to the new
    dexterity implementation.
    * book FTI as dexterity.
    * chapter FTI as dexterity.
    * remove next/previous support.
    This next / previous implementation does not work with the new dexterity
    I also believe that we do not use that.
    * text block FTI as dexterity.
    * implement latex behaviors.
    * register new style upgrade step directory.
    I had to refactor the very old upgrade steps to no longer define upgrade
    step groups as the upgrade step directory directive fails when detecting
    the oldest version when the profile has upgrades which are grouped.
    * add html block FTI as dexterity.
    * checkout blueberry theme for newest version.
    * table FTI as dexterity.
    * rename ".contents2" to ".contents".
    content => old AT types
    contents => new DX types (and convention)
    * do not show id.
    * fix textblock interface inheritance.
    * book file listing block FTI as dexterity.
    * book gallery listing block FTI as dexterity.
    * update metaTypesNotToList / types_not_searched.
    * install ftw.colorbox.
    * update translations.
    * tests: install ftw.contentpage tests extras.
    Since the ftw.contenpage based tests are not yet removed we need to
    install ftw.contentpage's tests extras in order to not have errors
    because splinter testing is not available.
    * introduce new IBookContentType interface.
    * tests: book layer was renamed.
    * book: fix wrong default factory
    * development: example content can no longer be loaded.
    For loading this ZCML we need to import from, which now
    imports a lot of testing stuff which is not available.
    Therefore we can no longer support that.
    * cleanup sources.
    * rename toc behavior module so that we can add a new one.
    * refactor toc tree catalog metadata in order to fix book view tests.
    * tests: use example book in new testing layer.
    * refactor book helper and tests.
    * refactor subscribers and tests.
    * let chapter be a simplelayout block.
    * refactor chapter FTI test.
    * refactor book adapter test.
    * skip all the tests. for now.
    * make chapter addable again.
    * configure simplelayout to only have one column
    * refactor HTML block tests.
    * refactor table tests.
    * cleanup imports.
    * refactor textblock tests.
    * update keyword indexer.
    * update keywords view.
    * remove test_navigation: already covered by test_subscribers.
    * reindent zcml.
    * update renderer and install p.a.referenceablebehavior.
    * fix toctree test.
    * update toc view tests.
    * update table layout tests.
    * Remove book-adapter.
    * eliminate old request layer and old views.
    * delete latex injection extender tests.
    We have no archetypes builders anymore, so we cant test the extender.
    We keep the extender, since we may require it for migration.
    * skip some more tests for now.
    * refactor book layout to instance behaviors.
    also update latex utils
    * fix recursive book layout lookup and error in chapter counter.
    * update htmlblock latex view.
    * rewrite image latex generator tests.
    no longer use mocks.
    * Deprecate get_raw_image_data utils function.
    It loads all the data into the RAM.
    We should instead just use the file object with builder.add_file, as
    this copies the data memory inefficiently.
    * refactor default layout to work with the new book.
    * remove latex book view tests: there is no template to test.
    * rename latex view tests.
    * cleanup imports in htmlbok latex view tests.
    * update textblock latex view.
    * update table latex view.
    * checkout ftw.simplelayout.
    * change chapter icon to bookmark for better distinction.
    * tests: remove no longer used builders.
    * listingblock: support hiding title.
    * Update listing block latex.
    * Testing: reuse one HTML block.
    * Testing: reuse one table block.
    * Testing: reuse textblocks.
    * Testing: freeze the date.
    * testing: freeze clock when building fixture.
    * ftw.pdfgenerator 1.6.0 was released.
    * ftw.simplelayout 1.17.1 was released.
    * tests: cleanup imports.
    * rewrite listingblock latex tests.
    * rewrite internal hyperlinks test.
    * remove LaTeX support for ATImage type.
    * require ordering support in ftw.simplelayout.
    * tables do not appear in table of contents.
    * customize chapter simplelayout view.
    * refactoring: replace BookHelper with TableOfContents
    * make a private release of collective.z3cform.datagridfield.
    The problem is that the master of the package is broken for Plone 4.
    But we require
    which was not yet released.
    * add demo deployment.
    * setup push deployment for demo.
    * book demo: install theme.
    * add book browser test.
    * fix default values for layout by using annotation storage.
    * fix psc extends for testing.
    * no longer checkout simplelayout.
    * Update collective.z3cform.datagridfield constraint.
    * Checkout branch of collective.z3cform.datagridfield.
    * Auto-checkout plonetheme.blueberry.
    * Cleanup and standardize block view customizations.
    * Update
    * Update deployment versions.
    * Fix version.
    * Update plone version for demo deployment.
    * demo deployment: move versions to versions.cfg
    * No longer checkout the simplelayout branch, it was merged.
    * Fix buildout / setuptools versions.
    I don't know why it did not work.
    * Update version pinnings for demo.
    * Update version pinnings for demo.
    * Use contentValues / contentIds for implicit ftw.trash support.
    * Update collective.z3cform.datagridfield.
    * Update plonetheme.teamraum.
    * Update ftw.simplelayout.
    * Update ftw.htmlblock.
    * cleanup: reindent index view template.
    * Index view: avoid CSS collisions with other navtree styling.
    * Remove book gallery block.
    We have decided that we do not want to use the gallery block in
    the book.
    This reverts commit 3774b41.
    * Tests: refactor keywords_html helper function to return a RichTextValue.
    * Fix keywords test as keyword support was fixed earlier.
    * Update zip export tests.
    * noqa for required unused builder import.
    * Synchronize Generic Setup profiles and upgrade steps.
    * Fix reader for plonetheme.blueberry.
    * Get rid of IWithinBook layer.
    * Fix and reactivate reader test.
    * Remove publisher integration.
    * Tests: remove no longer necessary event.
    * Cleanup config / remove AT permission registrations.
    * Remove skins folder.
    * Cleanup.
    * Remove no longer used icons.
    * Unify location and registration of SCSS files.
    * Remove unused template.
    * Update table import to work with new table implementation.
    * Enable and improve book export test.
    * Update injection behavior latex views.
    * Refactor PDFDiffTestCase for better reuse.
    * Test: workaround for relative path problem in richtext link.
    * Dexterity migration for books.
    * Dexterity migration for chapter.
    * Implement last modifier migration.
    * Dexterity migration for text blocks.
    * Dexterity migration for html blocks.
    * Dexterity migration for tables.
    * Remove Remark FTI.
    * Migrate chapter files into listing blocks.
    * Convert images to text blocks.
    * Fix lastmodifier in table migration.
    * Dexterity migration for book listing blocks.
    * Remove old testing layer.
    * Replace table-width-viewlet with a message in the block view.
    * Declare collective.transmogrifier as test dependency.
    * Remove no longer used viewlet.
    * Remove dependency to ftw.contentpage.
    * Remove ftw.publisher.core test dependency.
    The custom ftw.publisher integration was removed.
    * Cleanup dependencies.
    * Fix migration.
    * Make column width optional.
    * Fix table footnote display.
    * Fix migration: do not require simplealyout.base.
    * Fix integer conversion error in migration.
    * Migrate lift_table and adjudicationDate fields of izug.latex.
    * Instal in order to fix tests.
    * Do not require Products.DataGridField in migration.
    * Integrate graphicblock DX migration.
    The graphicblock migration must be run after the chapter migration
    because simplelayout containers need to be migrated before the
    * Migration: move images before converting chapter.
    Images are addable in AT "Chapter", but not in DX "".
    So we need to move the images from the listingblocks to the chapters
    before migrating the chapters.
    * Migration: move images to chapter before migrating chapter.
    * Make layout fields migration more robust.
    * Install ftw.simplelayout.contenttypes:default instead of lib.
    We need things such as the image scales.
    * Migration: improve default settings of new listing blocks.
    * Migrate content categories.
    * Fix order of blocks in chapters by synchronizing the page config.
    * Hide title of blocks migrated from images.
    * Textblocks from images: migrate sl image layout.
    * Fix image-block order in chapter.
    * Update translations.
    * Use a title for file linsting block in order to have a better id.
    * Migrate creators.
    * Provide standard book index styling.
    * Chapter: always use a h1 on chapter view.
    * Table calculator: handle case when widths are None.
    * Stretch table to content width.
    * Fix lxml error in reader renderer for tables.
    * Always prepend css counters in reader for having the correct numbers.
    * Fix chapter linking.
    Accidentally removed in previous commit.
    * Prevent accidental exclusion of nav because of acqisition.
    * Apply migration only to books.
    This allows to reduce the list of books in get_book_paths to one for
    debugging and development purposes.
    * Use migration base class.
    * Refactor modifier functions to be methods on the base class.
    * Refactor attributes_to_migrate into base class.
    * Migration: register no longer existing schema extender fields.
    * Enable ftwbook.graphicblock to inherit BookTypeMigratorBase.
    * Fix schemaextender migration.
    * Update changelog.
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