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jone commented Mar 22, 2013

Support parsing specifications in different languages, such as German.


jone commented Apr 13, 2013

The language specific parts from the specification parser (such as the statement extraction or the consumer patterns) need to be extracted to separate language modules (,, etc).

The language should be defined explicitly in the specification.txt, because language sniffing may have side effects.


[A Workflow]
language = German
Initialzustand = Privat

Zustand Privat:
    Ein Redaktor kann den Inhalt ansehen.
    Ein Redaktor kann den Inhalt bearbeiten.

The default language is English.


jone commented Apr 16, 2013

@phabegger could you translate a specification.txt into German for me?
I need a pair (English & German) for comparing the results.
The spec should cover the features we have in lawigver:

  • Use all default action groups somewhere (the action groups need to be translated somehow, see lawgiver.zcml)
  • Multiple states and transitions
  • "General" statements
  • Statement variations (e.g. in english "the content", "this content", "new content", etc)
  • Multiple roles
  • Inherited roles (would be best if there are some in "General" sections and some in "Status" sections)
  • Worklists
  • Visible roles

This helps me implement it more error-prone because I'm not that much involved in the test set ;-)


jone commented May 6, 2014

Implemented with #32

@jone jone closed this May 6, 2014

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