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Send notifications when editing a plone content.
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This package provides a notification system for plone for sending notifications when a content is changed.

Every edit-form is extended with a checkbox for sending a notification after the modification on the content is done. When checked, the user will see a form after submitting the changes, where he can select multiple persons to be notified and add a comment.

This package does not contain the actual implementation of sending the notification. It is designed so that the type of notification can be replaced. Any type of notification can be implemented like this (e.g. email, jabber, irc, physical letter).

Notification implementation packages


  • Add ftw.notification.base and your the implementation package to your buildout configuration:
eggs +=
  • Install the generic setup profiles of those packages.
  • Edit any content: on the bottom of the form there is new checkbox "Send notification".



This package is copyright by 4teamwork.

ftw.notification.base is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.

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