Namespace synchronization with the Common Name Library
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Namespace synchronization with the Common Name Library

The hackathon code went into the following fork of the Common Name Library which was merged back into the main repository

Use case

  • A newspaper company at /com/newspaper
  • Employees of the newspaper /com/newspaper/USER/alice, /com/newspaper/USER/bob
  • Alice and Bob can announce new content for any department /com/newspaper/sports, /com/newspaper/politics
  • A NameSync channel called namesync/com/newspaper.
  • ChronoSync broadcast prefix: /ndn/broadcast/namesync/com/newspaper . ChronoSync sends /ndn/broadcast/namesync/com/newspaper/<root hash> .
  • ChronoSync application prefixes: /com/newspaper/USER/alice/<random>, /com/newspaper/USER/bob/<random>

The namesync application message contains a JSON with a list of name URIs and a timestamp. Example:

Data name: /com/newspaper/USER/alice/11894/1

Data content:

{'names': ["/com/newspaper/sports/superbowl2017.html/%FD1111/%00",
 'timestamp': 4553988853 }