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Code base for the Web Bureau project

Thanks for taking the time to check out my new project, Web Bureau! The idea started when looking at the Database setup for Wordpress...and wanting to spew everywhere as a result. Don't get me wrong - Wordpress is a great piece of software for those who have very basic websites, with static text pages and/or a blog. However, once you get into custom content types it makes things a bit of a disaster. While Wordpress does a fantastic job of optimizing its queries, a pile of clothes on the floor will always be seen as a bit of a mess.

The Web Bureau project is here to organize those socks (sponsors), belts (locations), and killer ties (events), so that you can have your mother over once in a while without being embarassed.

Please note, this is a supreme alpha release - there is a lot of functionality missing which will be implemented in the coming days and weeks. The following is a brief list of features coming soon:

Files Custom Styles Easy Table Paging Allow passing of arguments for a widget Improved Module/Widget Installation Further Modulation (seperate classes for admin, post, and ajax functionality) ...and fixes to any number of bugs found in this initial release.

Any and all comments/suggestions can be made to kevin at

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