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4tronix Improve low speed handling for motors
Version 10 of the firmware add low frequency PWM for the motors when low speeds are selecting.
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Picon Zero

Picon Zero is a Raspberry Pi addon in the form factor of a Pi Zero. It contains an ATMega328 with the Arduino bootloader. The ATMega328 is connected to the Raspberry Pi via I2C and handles all the interface to the I/O ports and motor drivers. Specifically, the ATMega328 allows:

  • Dual H-Bridge motor driver (DRV8833)
  • Standard digital outputs (On / Off)
  • PWM outputs (0 to 100%)
  • Servo outputs (-90 to +90 degrees)
  • WS2812B compatible smart pixels (up to 100 pixels)
  • Standard digital inputs (On / Off)
  • Analog inputs (0 to 255)

Picon Zero Released Files

All files are Licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA See for details

  • (this is the main Python library)
  • various python example files
  • PiconZero08.ino (this is the ATMega code)

Programming the ATMega

You can reprogram the ATMega with your own code by using a USB to Serial converter that has the following pinout: