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500px API Wrapper for Objective-C
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Writing a wrapper for the 500px API in Objective-C to make it easier for developers to write apps against this awesome service.

Stil a work in progress; I'm only working on this in my spare time. It currently supports reading from the 500px API and retrieving photos, users, favourites, followers, etc. Check out the API Documentation for more information.


This project requires LLVM 4.0+ and Xcode 4.4+, and is compiled with ARC.

How to use:

Go to your Xocde project directory and type the following:

git submodule init
git submodule add git://

Once the submodule has finished downloading, drag and drop the new Xcode project into your existing project.

Drag and drop subproject

Now that the subproject is added, we need to link against it. Expand the subproject's Products folder and drag the libPXAPI.a file into your projects "Link Binary With libraries" list in the project details editor.

Drag and drop the library to be linked against

Under "Build Settings", add an additional Linker flag of -ObjC.

Additional linker flag

Now that you're linking against the library, you're almost done! Wherever you want to use the 500px API, make sure you import the PXAPIHelper.h file:

#import <PXAPI/PXAPI.h>

In your application delegate's application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: method, add this line to set your consumer key and consumer secret:

[PXRequest setConsumerKey:@"__CHANGE_ME__" consumerSecret:@"__CHANGE_ME__"];

Got to the 500px Applications Page to register for your consumer key and secret.

There are two ways to use this library. The first is to use the PXAPIHelper class methods to generate NSURLRequest objects to use directly (either with NSURLConnection or ASIHTTPRequest. The other way is to use the built-in PXRequest class methods to create requests against the 500px API; they provide a completion block that is executed after the request returns, and they also post notifications to the default NSNotificationCenter.

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