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The 500px Publisher for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®

Get the 500px Publisher for effortless portfolio management. With features like two-way sync, ability to read and write comments, view all your stats and more. Now you will have more time for shooting.

To try 500px Publisher for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom®, checkout


  1. Clone the repo: git clone git://
  2. Register Your Application and Edit variables CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET with your app's keys and SALT variable with some random data in 500pxAPI.lua
  3. Copy 500pxPublisher.lrplugin directory into Lightroom plugins or Add the plugin through Lightroom Plug-in Manager

(You can refer to User Guide at


Please pull request your changes, bug fixes. Thanks!


Download and install Lua Compiler We suggest you use Lua 5.1.4 for 32-bit architectures (to get lua compiler for 32-bit architectures) (Files compiled with 32bit compiler will work on 32bit and 64bit, while files compiled with 64bit compiler will only work on 64bit computers and not on 32bit architecture)


Licensed under the terms of the General Public License (GNU).


  1. Download the Lua source from
  2. Patch LUA_SOURCE/src/Makefile to make it 32-bit
    # Change this line
    -  	$(MAKE) all MYCFLAGS=-DLUA_USE_LINUX MYLIBS="-lreadline"
    + 	$(MAKE) all MYCFLAGS="-DLUA_USE_LINUX -arch i386" MYLIBS="-arch i386 -lreadline"

    # If you are having trouble compiling this because of
    # readline, try removing '-lreadline'
  1. Make and install Lua:
    make macosx
    sudo make install