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Photo Resources

GET photos/:id/votes


Returns all users that had liked this photo.

Requires authentication

  • A valid OAuth request with an authorized Access Token will be accepted.


  • page — Return a specific page in the photo stream. Page numbering is 1-based.
  • rpp — The number of results to return. Can not be over 100, default 20.

Return format

A JSON object containing users that liked that photo.

  • current_page — Number of the page that is returned.
  • total_pages — Total number of pages in this feature's stream.
  • total_items — Total number of items in this feature's stream.
  • users — Profile of the author of the comment in short format.


All known errors cause the resource to return HTTP error code header together with a JSON array containing at least 'status' and 'error' keys describing the source of error.

  • 403 Forbidden — The photo was either deleted, belongs to a deactivated user.
  • 404 Not Found — Photo with the specified ID does not exist.




Return shortened for example purpose

  "current_page": 1,
  "total_pages": 27,
  "total_items": 534,
  "users": [
      "id": 477772,
      "username": "danendid",
      "firstname": "Estetic of",
      "lastname": "Senses",
      "city": "Brussels",
      "country": "Belgium",
      "fullname": "Estetic of Senses",
      "userpic_url": "",
      "upgrade_status": 0
      "id": 490956,
      "username": "LK_fine_artist",
      "firstname": "Christian",
      "lastname": "Lamos",
      "city": "Budapest",
      "country": "Hungary",
      "fullname": "Christian Lamos",
      "userpic_url": "",
      "upgrade_status": 0
      "id": 843534,
      "username": "Agnieszkauczywo",
      "firstname": "Agnieszka",
      "lastname": "Łuczywo",
      "city": null,
      "country": null,
      "fullname": "Agnieszka Łuczywo",
      "userpic_url": "/graphics/userpic.png",
      "upgrade_status": 0
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