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Hello,'s collections API today works in a very odd manner. It requires authentication, but it only displays the authenticated user's collections. This seems counter-intuitive: if I put in a login button on my website, and a visitor logs in using that, he/she will see his/her collections, not my collections. Ideally I should be able to show all collections for a particular user on my site by putting in a "user_id" parameter, but that doesn't work.

Based on one of my previous posts here (#6) I believe that a rewrite is planned for the collections API. Is there an ETA on this? Will there be any changes to how the collections work?

I'm also interested in this. It's a crucial feature of the api.

API access to password protected collections would be very useful. Are there plans to allow this?

Another vote for this feature- in case anyone's keeping count.


arthurnn commented Feb 19, 2013

@jaredsaul yes, we are changing the collections api to provide a better way to fetch collections for the authenticated user, or public collections from another users

Great! Any ETA? Thanks for the quick reply!

c-st commented Apr 25, 2014

@arthurnn any news about retrieving public collections via the API?


cdmicacc commented May 14, 2014

@chris-stangier As @vovko mentioned in another thread (#6 (comment)), there is a new "sets" API now. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to have any documentation :/. I'll see if I can scrounge some time to throw some together in the near future, though. Sorry about that!

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