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POST oauth/authorize


Allows a Consumer application to obtain user authorization for an OAuth Request Token. This method fulfills Section 6.2 of the OAuth 1.0 authentication flow. The method will use the currently logged in user as the account for access authorization and will request the user to log in if they have no active session with

Requires authentication

OAuth Request Token received using request_token method.


A valid OAuth request should be issued. You can provide parameters in Authorization HTTP-headers, query string, or body of the request. If you're using HTTP-header based OAuth, you shouldn't include oauth_* parameters in the POST body or query string.

  • oauth_token (required) — A Request Token received from request_token method
  • oauth_callback (required) — A valid URL on the Consumer side the user should be redirected to once they authorize the request

Return format

The user will be redirected to oauth_callback URL once they authorize the request. The request will contain two parameters:

  • oauth_token — A Request Token issued by the Provider at the request_token step
  • oauth_verifier — The OAuth Verifier is a verification code tied to the Request Token. The OAuth Verifier and Request Token both must be provided in exchange for an Access Token.


  • 401 Invalid OAuth Request — Request for the token was malformed or uses an unknown OAuth version