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Updating a Photo's Information

PUT photos/:id


Allows the client application to update user-editable information on a photo.

Resource URL


Required; OAuth. The client application must use the OAuth access token issued for the owner of the photo to access this resouce.


The application must provide the ID of the photo to update in the URL of the request. The following parameters are recognized when included in the query string or POST body:

  • name: Title of the photo, up to 255 characters in length.
  • description: Text description of the photo, up to 65535 characters in length.
  • category: Integer number of the category of the photo. See category mapping for exact values.
  • tags: Comma-separated list of tags applicable to this photo.
  • add_tags: Comma-separated list of tags to add to this photo's existing tags.
  • remove_tags: Comma-separated list of tags to remove from this photo's existing tags.
  • shutter_speed: Shutter speed value for the photo, internally stored as string.
  • focal_length: Focal length value for the photo, internally stored as string.
  • aperture: Aperture value value for the photo, internally stored as string.
  • iso: Integer ISO value for the photo.
  • camera: Make and model of the camera used to take this photo.
  • lens: Information about the lens used to take this photo.
  • latitude: Latitude of the location this photo was taken at represented by a decimal number.
  • longitude: Longitude of the location this photo was taken at represented by a decimal number.
  • nsfw: Boolean value indicating that the photo may contain not-safe-for-work content or content not suitable for minors.
  • license_type: Integer number of the license type chosen for this photo. See license type mapping for exact values.
  • privacy: Integer value indicating that the photo should be shown (0) or hidden (1) on the user's profile.
  • crop: A hash containing keys x, x2, y, y2 and representing coordinates within which the thumbnail must be cropped. The crop is made using the top left corner as the origin. The points must be given relative to image size 4, an image of at most 900px on the larger side. The client application may skip this if the user does not wish to change photo thumbnail.

Implementation details

A parameter missing from the request will not be updated. A parameter set to an empty string or null value will be interpreted as the user wishing to reset the value of the field to its default value.

You can use the add_tags and remove_tags parameters to manupulate a photo's tags without having to send the complete list of tags in the request.

Return format

A JSON object containing key photo, where photo is a Photo object in full format.


All known errors cause the resource to return HTTP error code header together with a JSON array containing at least 'status' and 'error' keys describing the source of error.

  • 401: Invalid OAuth request: The request was refused because the OAuth signature is incorrect.
  • 404: Photo with ID not found: The photo ID provided is not known to the system.
  • 404: Photo with ID has been deleted: The photo has been deleted and can not be edited.
  • 404: Photo with ID belongs to a deactivated user: The photo belongs to a user that is no longer active and can not be edited.
  • 400: Bad photo category: An unrecognized photo category value has been provided.
  • 400: Bad license type: An unrecognized license type value has been provided.



PUT v1/photos/40840326?name=Toronto%20Sky%20vs%20City%20Hall&category=9&description=A%20panoramic%20shot%20taken%20with%20an%20Android%20camera%20on%20the%20evening%20of%20Jul%2019th.


  "photo": {
    "id": 40840326,
    "user_id": 3798,
    "name": "Toronto Sky vs City Hall",
    "description": "A panoramic shot taken with an Android camera on the evening of Jul 19th.",
    "camera": "Nexus 4",
    "lens": null,
    "focal_length": null,
    "iso": "",
    "shutter_speed": null,
    "aperture": null,
    "times_viewed": 2,
    "rating": 0.0,
    "status": 1,
    "created_at": "2013-07-20T01:14:52-04:00",
    "category": 9,
    "location": null,
    "privacy": 0,
    "latitude": null,
    "longitude": null,
    "taken_at": "2013-07-19T20:59:26-04:00",
    "hi_res_uploaded": 0,
    "for_sale": false,
    "width": 3464,
    "height": 1608,
    "votes_count": 0,
    "comments_count": 0,
    "sales_count": 0,
    "highest_rating": 0.0,
    "highest_rating_date": null,
    "license_type": 0,
    "converted": 27,
    "image_url": "",
    "user": {
      "id": 3798,
      "username": "freeatnet",
      "firstname": "Arseniy",
      "lastname": "Ivanov",
      "city": "Toronto",
      "country": "Canada",
      "fullname": "Arseniy Ivanov",
      "userpic_url": "",
      "upgrade_status": 2,
      "followers_count": 156,
      "affection": 90,
      "admin": 1