Escape The Mine, to solve your way out of the mine. Solve puzzles, avoid dangers
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Can you Escape The Mine?

There was an accident at the mine, part of it collapsed during an earthquake, now you're stuck at the bottom and you must reach the exit. Complete the puzzle to reach the goal, you can PUSH objects, take them to the holes and let gravity do its job PULLing them.

How To Play?

  • Use the arrow keys to move around.
  • Push crates to move them.
  • Watch out for the skulls!.
  • Select the Magnifying Glass icon to allow you to see all the level.
  • To use a item, select it and the press 'X'.
  • If you stuck in a puzzle, press pause and try again!.

Open Source Projects Used:

  • PlayN, A Cross-Platform Game Abstraction Library.
  • theGIMP, The GNU Image Manipulation Project.

Game Source Code:


502 Studios is:


  • All the assets, graphics and music are under issued under Licencia Creative Commons.
  • The Source Code is issued under the MIT license.