A simple one oscillator, one filter monophonic softsynth.
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SO-404 v.1.2 by 50m30n3 2009-2011

SO-404 is a simple bass synthesizer using 1 oscillator and 1 filter.
The oscillator is a simple saw wave oscillator and the filter is a simple
resonant lowpass filter. You know, like that other very good and famous synth
with a similar name. Just not as good and famous.

To run the synth you need Jack and ALSA. You can set a different midi channel
by starting the program using the channel number as argument. The default
channel is zero.

All synthesis parameters can be edited using MIDI CC messages.

Parameter list:
CC#7	-	Volume
CC#65	-	Portamento time
CC#71	-	Filter Resonance
CC#72	-	Release time
CC#74	-	Filter Cutoff
CC#79	-	Filter Envelope

If two notes are played together the pitch will slide according to the
portamento time. Filter cutoff is influenced by the MIDI note velocity.
A note velocity above 100 generates an accented note where the amp EG is
replaced by the filter EG.

To compile the code you need the ALSA and Jack developement files.

This software is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 see LICENSE for details.
Bugreports, questions and death threats to someone@d00m.org.