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SO-666 v.1.01 by 50m30n3 2009-2010
SO-666 is a feedback based drone synthesizer building upon the SO-KL5 synth.
It creates haunting cacophonic howls and drones.
It's a bit hard to play but making good use of the modwheel will help keep the
sound in control.
To run the synth you need Jack and ALSA. You can set a different midi channel
by starting the program using the channel number as argument. The default
channel is zero.
All synthesis parameters can be edited using MIDI CC messages.
Parameter list:
CC#1 - Feedback (mod wheel)
CC#7 - Volume
CC#71 - Filter Resonance
CC#74 - Filter Cutoff
To compile the code you need the ALSA and Jack developement files.
This software is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 see LICENSE for details.
Bug reports, questions and death threats to
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