A "piano" synthsizer using Karplus-Strong string synthesis.
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SO-KL5 v.1.2 by 50m30n3 2009-1011

SO-KL5 is a string based "piano" synthezizer. The strings are
modeled using the Karplus-Strong String simulation method.

To run the synth you need Jack and ALSA. You can set a different midi channel
by starting the program using the channel number as argument. The default
channel is zero.

All synthesis parameters can be edited using MIDI CC messages.

Parameter list:
CC#1	-	Sustain
CC#7	-	Volume
CC#64	-	Sustain
CC#71	-	Filter Resonance
CC#73	-	Attack
CC#74	-	Filter Cutoff

Sustain can be controlled by CC#1 (Mod Wheel) and CC#64 (Sustain) to make
control easier for people without a sustain pedal.

To compile the code you need the ALSA and Jack developement files.

This software is licensed under the GNU GPL V3 see LICENSE for details.
Bugreports, questions and death threats to someone@d00m.org.