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Simple Map Reduce (smr)

smr lets you easily build map-reduce jobs with simple python code. It does not use hadoop, or any other map-reduce framework in any way.

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pip install git+git:// or just python install


  • boto is required for communication with AWS services like S3
  • paramiko is required for smr-ec2 to communicate with EC2 instances through SSH


CLI tools

smr or smr-ec2

integrate into your code

from smr import run, run_ec2, get_default_config
config = get_default_config()
config.config = ""
run(config) # or run_ec2(config)

jobs directory has a sample job that uses common crawl public dataset on S3. has all the information about the job you want to run, including the code for map and reduce functions. Please look ad smr/ for explanation and usage of all the config params.

The most important parameters that you should implement in config are:

  • MAP_FUNC: function that will take a single argument of local filename to be processed for your smr job. Each line that it prints to STDOUT will be sent to REDUCE_FUNC as an argument
  • REDUCE_FUNC: function that takes a single string argument of a map function output
  • INPUT_DATA: list of URIs to process in the format of s3://bucket_name/path or file://absolute/path
    • you can use {year} or {year:04d} macros in INPUT_DATA if you specify start_date
    • you can use {month} or {month:02d} macros in INPUT_DATA if you specify start_date
    • you can use {day} or {day:02d} macros in INPUT_DATA if you specify start_date
  • OUTPUT_RESULTS_FUNC: function that's called when the job is finished, takes no arguments

smr scripts


  • takes config location as the first argument
  • reads file names to process from STDIN, one per line
  • passes each file name to MAP_FUNC that's defined in config
  • outputs processed files to STDERR, one per line
    • prepends "+" if it was successfull in processing that file
    • prepends "!" if it couldn't process the file
  • should output results to be passed to reducer to STDOUT


  • should take STDOUT from smr-map as STDIN
  • will run OUTPUT_RESULTS_FUNC that's defined in config when finished


  • runs NUM_WORKERS smr-map workers where NUM_WORKERS is specified in config
  • runs a single smr-reduce process
  • divides up files to process amongst smr-map workers
  • puts the output of STDOUT of smr-map workers into STDIN of smr-reduce


  • same functionality as smr, but boot up AWS_EC2_WORKERS EC2 instances and run smr-map on them