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About Remote Console

Remote console is a simple remote Firebug console implemenation based on the Dojo libraries and the CometD server. It is useful for remote debugging mobile devices using the Firebug Firefox plugin and only needs two javascript includes to enable debugging on a remote page.

For more information and a getting started tutorial please view the blog post

Javascript Script Attribute Guide

The javascript script tag that enables remote debugging on a page accepts several configuration attributes. These appear prefixed by data- in the script tag:

<script src="remote-console.js" data-server="" 

data-server Full url to the server endpoint Required: True

data-channel Name of the channel to use when communicating with the server Required: True

data-json-ref Flag to indicate that we are using the dojox.json.ref Default: False Required: False

data-replace-console-methods Flag to indicate that we are replacing the console methods, rather than connecting to them. This is needed to get internet explorer working Default: False Required: False

data-remote-methods-only Flag to indicate that we are only introducing the console.remote.* methods, not binding to the regular methods Default: False Required: False