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52°North Spatial Information Research GmbH

Advancing spatial information infrastructures to foster open science

🚀 Welcome to the 52°North Code Space

52°North is devoted to spatial information research. As a non-profit company, we support open science through open data and open source software. Our major interest is developing spatial research data infrastructures to foster the derivation of information from data.

Turning data into information is the key to making informed decisions. Through Spatial Information Research, 52°North develops methods, technologies and solutions to support the information generation, and hence the decision process.

We are spatial data enthusiasts! 🌍 🫶🏽

Some featured projects can be found at

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You can also find us at Docker Hub 🐳.


  1. SOS Public

    52°North Sensor Observation Service

    Java 92 68

  2. helgoland Public

    Visual Exploration and Analysis of Sensor Web Data

    TypeScript 44 26

  3. arctic-sea Public

    Framework for developing OGC services, clients and middleware

    Java 19 29

  4. javaPS Public

    Next generation standardized web-based geo-processing

    Java 13 11