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Library for plug-in based data source implementations for the augmented reality browser GeoAR
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GeoAR Datasource API

This project provides the API and common classes for implementing datasources for the geolocation augmented reality browser GeoAR.


Installation into local repository

You need Maven to build GeoAR datasources. Go to the project directory and run mvn clean install. With git and Maven on the path, the following commands should work:

git clone
cd geoar-ds
mvn clean install


GeoAR is published under Apache Software License, Version 2.0.

Used libraries are listed in the NOTICE file.

Support / Contact

If you have questions using or developing GeoAR and it's projects, please contact the Geostatistics Community mailing list or the synced forum at respectively If you want to report bugs or ask questions related to the code, please submit an issue at

Project manager: Daniel Nüst (

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