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This project has been part of the Google Summer of Code 2014 (GSoC). The Timeseries Protector's aim is to provide a UI to define rules to restrict access contents of an OGC Sensor Observation Service (SOS) based on both operation level and parameter level. An introduction to the project can be found [on the intermediary blog post] ( of the GSoC project.

Access control is done via the 52°North Security API which is hosted in a proxy service implementation. This proxy can either be for example a Web Security Service(WSS) or in a more advanced enterprise setup con.terra's security.manager.

The solution developed is a Web application packaged with a user interface which enables a user to create and manage permissions for a particular SOS enforcement point. The enforcement point serves as public access point for clients whereas access controlled by the security API. By the help of the timeseries protector creation of simple permission configuration (a permissions.xml file) is now a piece of cake.

Below are the resources which contain information about every bit and piece of the project


You can start by getting an overview of the architecture and what components are involved. However, the more important parts how to get to working permissions.xml file is to check how to create a permission set and adding particular access permissions to it. Each permission set holds a one or more access permissions for one or more user(s).

Of course, if permission sets do already exist they can be modified as well so working on an existing permissions.xml is also possible.


For questions and comments please contact Henning Bredel | @ridoo and Dushyant Sabharwal | @dushyant89