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Standalone Javascript OGC Web Processing Service (WPS) client with the following functions:

  • Generation of an HTML form based on WPS process descriptions
  • Encoding and parsing of WPS requests (GetCapabilities, DescribeProcess, Execute)


wps-js is a plain Javascipt client and all required libraries are shipped with the code. To try out examples follow these steps:

  • Start a proxy server so that it serves requests preprended with /wps_proxy/wps_proxy?url=
  • Check out the code: git clone
  • Change to the directory and build the application with Maven: cd wps-js, then mvn clean install
  • Open the file ../target/wps-js-<version>/index.html in a browser to try out the client
  • Use the file ../target/wps-js-<versionjs/wps-js/wps-js.<version>(.min).js in your own application.


Configuration of the proxy URL:

$(document).ready(function() {
		proxy : {
			url : "/wps_proxy/wps_proxy?url=",
			type : "parameter"

You can also use a template file to pre-configure the contents of the form that is generated - see example src/main/webapp/demo/geca-intercomparison/client.html.


Project and user documentation can be found in the 52°North wiki:


wps-js uses Maven for the build process, which means that the source code is split up across many files in the folder src/main/webapp/js/wps-js. Within this directory, a Javscript class hierarchy for reqeusts and responses is implemented in the directories request and response respectively.

Tomcat configuration

Catalina context

A simple configuration of a Tomcat servlet container to develop wps-js is to point the context of the webapp to the Maven target directory. Put the following lines into a file <Tomcat dir>\conf\Catalina\localhost\wps-js.xml and restart the servlet container:


You can then update the deployed copy by running mvn package -DskiptTests=true.

Eclipse WTP

Alternatively configuration with the web tools plug-in in Eclipse: Open your server configuration, then the tab "Modules" and add the path <your path>/wps-js/target/wps-js-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT as the document base and any path, for example /wps-js.


wps-js needs a proxy server to connect to WPS server instances. A simple one is jproxy, see wps-js will by default look for a proxy at /wps_proxy/wps_proxy?url=.

jprox configuration

Make sure you use the following parameters in jprox's web.xml and deploy it as wps_proxy.war to make it work with the default wps-js configuration.


Alternatively, you can also import jproxy as a project in Eclipse and configure it as a web module for your testing server in the WTP plug-in using the path /wps_proxy.


wps-js is published under Apache Software License, Version 2.0

The used libraries are:

Contact / Support

To get help in running wps-js, please use the Geoprocessing community mailing list and forum:

Please leave an issue on GitHub if you have any bug reports or feature requests:

Contact: Matthes Rieke (, Daniel Nüst (