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The use of yourTwapperKeeper is most likely against the recent Twitter Terms of Services (ToS) due to some of the recent updates (Section 4A looks like a nail in the coffin).  

Use at your own risk - I take no liability for the use of the software. - John


yourTwapperKeeper is an open version of designed to be hosted by you



- Simple, easy way to archive data from Twitter directly on your server
- Output to HTML, RSS, EXCEL, and JSON
- Archives from both Twitter Streaming API and Search API (for reachback and any missed tweets)



A dedicated virtual server with a dedicated IP address running APACHE / PHP / MYSQL (tested with APACHE 2.2.15 / PHP 5.3.3 / MYSQL 5.0.77 on CENTOS 5.5). (Shared servers could cause issues with blacklisting and are not recommended!  For your reference, we tested on RackspaceCloud servers -

Here is a step-by-step guide to install on Rackspace Cloud:



1. Extract .tar.gz file into your apache server folder (i.e. /var/www/html/)

2. Create a MYSQL database and import the tables / data from file SQL. 

3. Login to Twitter with the account you want to use for archiving, and [Register a new application] -
	- Application Name = Change to your liking
	- Description = Change to your liking
	- Application Website = Your URL where the site will be hosted (i.e.
	- Organization = Change to your liking
	- Application Type = Browser
	- Callback URL = Your_URL/callback.php (i.e.
	- Default Access Type = Read & Write
	- Application Icon = Change or leave default
4. After application is successfully created, write down:
	- Consumer Key
	- Consumer Secret
5. Select "My Access Token" on right hand side.  Write down: 
	- Access Token (oauth_token)
	- Access Token Secret (oauth_token_secret)

6. Now time to edit the config.php file on your server.  Make sure to change the following:
	/* Host Information */
		Change the host information based upon your host.
	/* Administrators - Twitter screen name(s) who can administer / start / stop archiving */
	 	Users in this list are allowed to start / stop the archiving processes on the server.  Must be at least one.  Recommend using the same twitter account used to create application.
	/* Users - Twitter screen names that are allowed to use Your Twapper Keeper site - leaving commented means anyone can use site*/
		Users in this list are allowed to create archives and edit / delete archives they own.  Leaving blank means anyone can create archives and edit / delete ones they own.
	/* Your Twapper Keeper Twitter Account Information used to query for tweets (this is common for the site) */	
		This should be the account information for the user who created the Twitter application.  Also, use the oauth information captured in step 5.
	/* Your Twapper Keeper Application Information - setup at and copy in consumer key and secret */
		Update with the information captured in step 4.
	/* MySQL Database Connection Information */  
		Update with your DB information
7. After this is all done - start apache / mysql and start archiving!



Your TwapperKeeper leverages both TwitterOAuth ( and phirehose (  Special thanks to those guys for creating such AWESOME libraries! 


yourTwapperKeeper - Archive Your Social Media




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