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fiftyfive-wicket Release Notes


  • Upgrade to Wicket 1.5.9
  • Upgrade to Spring 3.1.3
  • Upgrade to Shiro 1.2.1
  • Upgrade to JUnit 4.10
  • Upgrade to SLF4J 1.7.2
  • Upgrade to Mockito 1.9.5
  • Change recommended usage of SimpleCDN to work better with the latest version of Wicket 1.5.x (see #35)


  • Upgrade to Wicket 1.5.7
  • Upgrade to Spring 3.1.1
  • Upgrade to JUnit 4.10
  • Upgrade to SLF4J 1.6.6
  • Upgrade to Mockito 1.9.0
  • Improve archetype compatibility with Windows Maven environments


Major backwards-incompatible changes

  • In fiftyfive-wicket-js 4.0, we have changed the syntax of JavaScript //= require dependency directives, in order to more closely mimic the latest behavior of the Sprockets project. If you use //= require statements in your JavaScript, your application may break. Refer to SprocketsParserImplV4 for more information on the exact changes. To ease the transition, you can instruct fiftyfive-wicket-js 4.0 to use the old 3.0 syntax instead (or turn off //= require dependency logic entirely) by calling JavaScriptDependencySettings#setSprocketsParser().
  • The filenames and locations of the JavaScript libraries and the Redmond jQuery UI theme that are bundled with fiftyfive-wicket-js have changed. Most applications should not be affected. If your application does depend on the exact classpath locations for these files, refer to the new layout on GitHub.
  • fiftyfive-wicket-js no longer includes minified versions of jQuery and jQuery UI. We now recommend that developers adopt a solution like Apache mod_deflate for delivering compressed static resources.
  • fiftyfive-wicket-js no longer includes Modernizr.
  • The public API of DtoDataProvider has changed, in order to allow explicit ranges of data to be loaded. See issue #30.

Minor or behind-the-scenes changes

  • Wicket upgraded to 1.5.5
  • jQuery upgraded to 1.7.1
  • jQuery UI upgraded to 1.8.18
  • The fiftyfive JavaScript utils (e.g. jquery.55_utils.js) have been upgraded to 4.0 (note that the authoritative source of these files is now in a separate GitHub repository)
  • The fiftyfive-wicket repository itself has been reorganized to eliminate the messy Git submodule and symlinks, and instead uses a Ruby script to fetch external CSS and JS dependencies needed from other repositories
  • In projects generated by fiftyfive-wicket-archetype, the Compass configuration file (config.rb) is now placed at the project root. This means the compass commands can be issued from the project root instead of first needing to drill deep into the src/main/resources tree.



  • Upgrade to Wicket 1.5.3
  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.7.1
  • Significant changes to fiftyfive-wicket-archetype, including:
    • Make use of CSS Grid in the sample pages
    • Include examples of best practices for favicons and mobile-optimized icons ("Apple touch icons")
    • Incorporate the latest version of css3-foundation
    • Improve javadoc


  • Upgrade to Wicket 1.5.2


  • Upgrade to Wicket 1.5.1
  • Make minor code style improvements to SCSS included in fiftyfive-wicket-archetype
  • Correct an improperly-built version of modernizr bundled with fiftyfive-wicket-js


Please note that our maven URLs have recently changed. Release and snapshots artifacts are now stored in separate repositories. The new URLs are:



  • fiftyfive-wicket now requires Wicket 1.5 and Java 1.6.
  • Projects generated by the archetype now require compass.

Major enhancements

  • Apache Shiro support


  • The bundled versions of jQuery and jQuery UI are now at 1.6.4 and 1.8.16, respectively.
  • Spring updated to 3.0.6.
  • SLF4j updated to 1.6.2.

New source code organization and conventions

  • The fiftyfive-wicket artifact is now named fiftyfive-wicket-core. There is no longer a fiftyfive-wicket artifact.
  • The fiftyfive-wicket-examples module has been removed. The project documentation and samples provided in the archetype serve as a replacement.
  • The parent POM is now at the root of the project, rather than in parent/pom.xml. This more closely matches standard practices for multi-module maven projects.
  • The module directory names now exactly match the name of the module. For example, the fiftyfive-wicket-js artifact is now in a fiftyfive-wicket-js directory, instead of just js.
  • We've changed our coding style to no longer use leading underscores for instance variable names.
  • All pom.xml files have been updated to eliminate warnings in Maven 3.
  • We now use Wicket's built-in Args and Checks assertion helpers instead using fiftyfive-util.

CSS and JavaScript resource merging

  • org.wicketstuff:wicketstuff-merged-resources is no longer a dependency.
  • install() takes the place of build().
  • Implementation has changed to use the new Wicket 1.5 URL mounting/mapping system.


  • We no longer suggest @MountPath annotations for mounting bookmarkable pages, which scatters URL defintions throughout a project. Instead our recommendation is to use Wicket's standard procedural methods for mounting pages in a central location. We've factored this into a special class called WicketMappings.
  • org.wicketstuff:annotation and org.wicketstuff:wicketstuff-merged-resources dependencies have been removed.
  • BasePage has now been separated into BasePage and EmptyPage.
  • The _body variable exposed by BasePage has been made private; a public getBody() method serves as the replacement.
  • We now suggest using Wicket's IRequestCycleListener plugin system instead overriding newRequestCycle().
  • We have a new organization for stylesheets that demonstrates many of the powerful features of Compass.
  • The compass command-line tool is now integrated with the Maven build process.
  • We now include a .gitignore file.

Other new classes and methods