tool to merge your exported delicious bookmarks with those exported from firefox 3
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what is this

import's bookmark with in tags into firefox 3 bookmark.

how to run

  1. install ruby environment include library(rubygems, rexml, json) - changed dependencies, see hint below.
  2. (svn checkout ...
  3. backup firefox 3 bookmark. [Bookmark] -> [manage this bookmark] -> [import and backup] -> [backup]
  4. export bookmark. access and save it.
  5. run script ./import_delicious_bookmark.rb <created file at 2> <created file at 3> <output_file> e.g. % ./import_delicious_bookmark.rb bookmark_2008-xx-xx.json all.xml imported_bookmark.json
  6. restore firefox 3 bookmark by using step 4's file. [Bookmark] -> [manage this bookmark] -> [import and backup] -> [select file] -> <created file at 4>

To export ALL your bookmarks from delicious you need to specify the full number like this: You may determine the number from the root tag of the xml file - even if retrieved by the default The root tag looks like this: <posts tag="" total="13090" user="username">. The value of total is the number in question. The api provider will only export the first 1000 entries by default, even if the uri suggests, it exported all of your bookmarks.

Needed to replace the rexml dependency by nokogiri. Installation on Windows:


Christian : patch for preserve the description

vim: filetype=markdown