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@58173495 58173495 released this Nov 17, 2020


ZXWSoft upgradetos to version 3.3 can be downloaded at or in the ZXW Communication Group Share.
In future versions of the upgrade, the new features will not be available in windows XP, please upgrade to Win10.

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  1. Add a tabbed display graphics window to switch the classic dual window display in your configuration.
  2. Increase the file single-double window display selection.
  3. Add the interface style configuration.
  4. Add only the function of lighting up network components.
  5. Increase the display of multi-network cross-network components, common components in red, click elements can be located.
  6. The menu search function can now search the entire menu list.
  7. Menu list item optimization.
  8. The right-hand toolbar is optimized, with list items to be exchanged at the top.
  9. Modify the rotation angle function, normal and rotation state differentiation.
  10. Fix the search function problem.
  11. Fix the mouse click and drag problem.
  12. Modify the inner walking line does not appear when dragging.
  13. When the scheme is displayed in TAB mode, a new file can be opened side-by-side.
  14. Fix the display problem in the section.

For more specific information and other details, please refer to the ZXW website.

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