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  • Introduction to Open Source
  • Introduction to GitHub and Pull Requests
  • Get free shirts!

Open Source

  • Developed for everyone to see
  • Licensed to include the source code
  • Collaborative

Open Source

  • Educational
  • Foundation for further innovation
  • "None of us is as smart as all of us."


This is what makes your source open.

^I am not a lawyer.

Choosing a License

  • Permissive?
  • Do you care about patents?
  • Viral?
  • Fitting in?

^Permissive: let anyone do whatever they want with the code.

^Patents: must contributors grant use of patents they hold?

^Viral: should derivative works also be open source?

^Fitting in: what do other projects in this language or domain use?

[fit] Enough, let's make a

[fit] Pull Request

What you'll need

Quick ways to find some places to start

How This Was Made

Brian Boucheron (@beardicus) made rocdev-hacktoberfest.png.

convert rocdev-hacktober.png -crop 0x0+150+0 rocdev-hacktoberfest-cropped.png



  • John Liberty
  • Marni
  • Emily Y.
  • Ed Griebel
  • Kael Hopenwasser
  • Dennis Wheeler
  • Aniela Wolkonowski
  • Matt Frey
  • Vladimir Martynenko
  • Adam Romney
  • Desi Martinez
  • Danielle Williams
  • Scott Cranfill
  • Brian Boucheron