infrastructure: docker-compose config for node and redis behind upstream nginx ( SSL/HTTPS ) on debian jessie
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Docker compose config for proxy upstream node servers behind SSL ( Let's Encrypt ) Nginx on Debian Jessie. Personally I am not a huge Docker fan and err on the side of bash scripts and/or Lambda, but this may be valuable to you.


  • debian/jessie
  • docker
  • nginx ( Let's Encrypt )
  • node

Let's Encrypt:

  • make sure .env file is set-up
  • after its been built and up via docker-compose, install certs via docker-compose exec nginx /etc/nginx/ssl/ -v ( see below )



docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d
# install certs
docker-compose exec nginx /etc/nginx/ssl/ -v


  • Cron task for cert updates