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Releases: 5G-Cash/5G

Testnet and Regtest network activation in preparation for algo change.

06 Oct 06:44
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Mandatory beta release for TESTNET already working with Verushash_v1. This is an optional release for MAINNET but necessary due to some code updates.

This is the branch used for this release. --->

Testnet Explorer ---->

What's Changed for Mainnet

  • Bump generic-array from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 in /src/tor/src/rust by @dependabot in #6
  • Bump rand_core from 0.2.0-pre.0 to 0.6.3 in /src/tor/src/rust by @dependabot in #5

New Contributors

v1.2.2.0 <------New Release

22 Oct 01:47
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New Masternode protocol
POS and MN start after block 2500
Banscore increased
retarget decreased from 40 to 20 min
incache and inpayment dat files updated to fivegcache.dat and fivegpayments.dat

Fiveg-windows = fiveg-qt.exe
Fiveg-Daemon-Ubunutu 18= fiveg-u18-daemon.tar
Fiveg qt = fiveg-qt-linux.tar