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This component implements the functionalities required to trigger specific service lifecycle events as reaction to the receipt of SLA Violations generated by the 5GEx SLA Manager.

Currently, the SLA Assurance Manager is able to interact with the 5GEx Resource Orchestrator and trigger a VNF migration via the G-VNFM. The G-VNFM is included as part of the Slicer Northbound interface of the 5GEx RO.

If a 5GEx protype release version <= 2.3 is used, the component will not be able to trigger any actual service lifecycle events, as the Slicer layer is not included as above mentioned Northbound interface of the RO.


The configuration of the SLA Assurance Manager consists of a simple JSON file (namely basic.json) to be created within the ./config/slaam/ folder of your MdO project folder.

The config file basically contains the Resource Orchestrator entry point.

In order to avoid failures, the proper configuration to be used for MdO deployment based on releases earlier or equals to P2.3 should be the following:

    "ro" : {
        "host" : "escape",
        "port" : 8888,
        "url" : "/escape/orchestration/",
        "timeout" : 150

Please note that this component will not be able to trigger any service lifecycle events if the Slicer / G-VNFM is not available.

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