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Safe{Core} Protocol Demo

This repository contain a demo for developing and using Plugins from the Safe{Core} Protocol.


The repository is separated into two parts:

  • Contracts contains the sample contracts and scripts to deploy them
  • Web App contains the web app to configure and use the sample contracts

Make it your own

To get started with your own plugin you can fork/ copy this repository and adjust the existing code.

Follow the instructions in the Contracts folder to create a Plugin for your use case. You can then register the plugin on a test registry and it will be visible on Demo App.

This Demo App can be used as a Safe app in the Safe{Wallet} Web interface to add the Plugin to a Safe.

To configure your Plugin it is necessary to create a web app. For this follow the instructions in the Web App folder. A simple way to host your web app is to use GitHub pages. For this you can use the yarn deploy script.

Important don't forget to update your Plugin Metadata.


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