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In this project i have tried to make a similar application using different full stack python framework. It was a good exercise to make the same stuff in different frameworks, it helped me realize few of the good and bad parts of each of the framework and how one compares from the other.

I have tried to include all the popular full stack python framewors viz. Django, TurboGears, Web2py, Webapp2 and Pyramid. The beginner/intermediate python developer might find this repo useful to get started with any of the framework, whereas the advanced/experienced developer might want to compare features from the different python framework via quick code skimming.

The detail of the apps: All of them have the same database schema: Table Note. note title, note description, note subject, note author and date.

The functionality: You can perform CRUD operations. User Authentication and Authorization was one extension that i could have done in all the apps, but i wanted to keep it very simple for the beginner.

There might be few things that could have been done better, since i am not very experienced with all the frameworks, in case you might want to suggest improvements you may raise issues/ submit small patch.

If you want any other framework to be considered you may send pull request and/or raise tickets.

The documentation to most of them could be found at