@ExcuseMi ExcuseMi released this Aug 30, 2016 · 4 commits to master since this release

General info:

We had to reconfigure our to only allow rare pokemon to be uploaded, too much pidgeys & weedles are killing our server.
See what pokemon are supported by our server at the bottom (in managed mode)


Fix pokesnipe setting
Fix performance issues on the server
Add KimCordashian/coord_input as a channel (We don't use the output channel because they are based on our feed, stop asking :) )
Fixed verified pokemon without a moveset. (Some bots haven't extended the CapturePokemonEvent like new necrobot did. If you are a bot developer, please implement this).
Also trying to control the massive amounts of unnecessary uploads

New settings:

UseUploadedPokemon = true; //Allow uploads by bots and manual input (Note: Some bots might capture a pokemon before it's was spotted on another channel or site, then it still spotted by the bot)
UnverifiedOnly = false; //Scanner setting: Don't use this unless you want to verify the feed before everyone else
PokemonNotInFilterMinimumIV = 100; //Expiremental: Allow pokemon that aren't in the filter list above a certain IV (Note the server will only allow above 90% IV), Default 100, meaning no pokemon will be added.

Pokemon supported in managed mode by the Pokefeeder.live server (unless higher than 90IV)


Note: source is not correct (GitHub noob)=> 478cbeb was added to this release



@ExcuseMi ExcuseMi released this Aug 26, 2016 · 16 commits to master since this release

This is a prerelease to show of the new features and to test how many people can connect to our server.
When your having trouble to connect to the server, please turn of managed mode and try again later.

New settings:

GeoLocalocationFilter: The allows you to only receive pokemon that are in that area.
"UseGeoLocationBoundsFilter": false,
"GeoLocationBounds": {
"SouthWest": {
"Latitude": 40.744627259246641,
"Longitude": -74.006222741943361
"NorthEast": {
"Latitude": 40.816119123701981,
"Longitude": -73.903569238525392
IsServer: Set this to true if you want to host your own server and let your friends connect to it.
"IsServer": false,
Managed: Managed is when you connect to a server to retrieve your pokemon. All filters will still work. If you turn this off, you have the same functionalities as before, but no verified data **
"IsManaged": true,
Serverhost: Which server to connect to
"ServerHost": "pokefeeder.live",
**ServerPort: Which serverport to connect to

"ServerPort": 49000,
OutgoingServerPort: When IsServer is true, you need to specify a port to host on.
"OutgoingServerPort": 49000,
ShareBotCaptures: Allow your bots to send back the information about captured pokemon to PogoLocationFeeder
"ShareBotCaptures": true,
BotWebSocketPorts: Configure the port to read from the bot(s), this is the websocket which necrobot for example uses.
"BotWebSocketPorts": [
VerifiedOnly: Only receive pokemon that were verified by bots.
"VerifiedOnly": true,
MinimumIV: The minimumIV a pokemon should have to receive it. Setting this value higher than 0, implies all pokemon must be verified.
"MinimumIV": 0.0


It is advised not to use the verify by skipplagged anymore.



@Ilses Ilses released this Aug 12, 2016 · 102 commits to master since this release

  • Various repo fixes. Skiplagged checks now use a randomized user-agent.
  • Added option to manually remove pokemon entries (e.g., after successfully sniping them)
  • Added toggle to enable/disable pokemon filter
  • Users can now switch between two themes: dark and light

We have acquired enough donations to move the Discord feed to a dedicated server. This will allow us to actually fix the feed if it goes down in the future; the switch should be happening shortly.

We will also be working on the validated feed -- an announcement will be posted as soon as this is available.

Finally, we will be moving discussion of the feeder from our fledgling discord server to the 100IVCLUB server. Going forward, release candidates will be instead be posted in in the lounge and sniping_lounge channels.

(Edit: First post of the .zip didn't include version update for update checking, and so would claim you didn't have the latest version -- this is fixed now)


PogoLocationFeeder-Release-V0.1.5 PokeZZ & pokewatchers

@5andr0 5andr0 released this Aug 8, 2016 · 167 commits to master since this release

Added PokeZZ and PokeWatchers. Also discord is working fine again =)

Edit: Some users have reported that win7 is not working properly with this release! This issue should be resolved soon, but for now please wait for v0.1.6 if you are using Windows 7.